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Just another MiSeq Monday

“Monday, May 16th, 2016, is a big date for us. That’s when we started our first, maiden, holy, MiSeq run, using our new toy, and completing a sequence of events that kept making every lab member holding their breath for the previous 2 months (nearly…). But we did it. And then we did another one. And now there are millions of reads that need to be shuffled and binned and stacked and sorted and used to describe the oceans (well, some of it…).

We are all learning a lot, but we have everything in-house now, from equipment to expertise, so it feels great to be in control of pretty much every step of the process.

The first data sets form the lionshare of Judith’s project, but also contain tests for some of our collaborative pilot projects. Then the SeaDNA samples will start to arrive, and the machine will churn metabarcoding libraries at a faster pace…

Now, let’s go back to the desks and make sense of all these floating reads… watch this space for updates…”

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