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We strongly feel that our field of studies has long been plagued by the lack of representation of – and support for – researchers from various non-white backgrounds. We believe that this is a major loss for both human societies and natural environments. We, as a group, are committed to creating a truly inclusive research environment, with particular emphasis on: i) supporting students from ethnic and cultural backgrounds that have been traditionally excluded from ecological and marine sciences, ii) developing collaborative projects in equal partnership with scientists and practitioners from less privileged regions of the globe.

We remain also committed to maintaining a safe and enjoyable working environment for all our members and collaborators, and always protect and champion their diverse and enriching cultures, abilities, sexual orientations, histories and identities.

We are particularly keen to hear from prospective students/collaborators/applicants from less-represented backgrounds who are interested in our research fields. So, please, browse through our activities below and get in touch to discuss common interests and explore opportunities to support your career in marine science!

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