Professor Stefano Mariani

Chair in Conservation Genetics

I am a marine ecologist and population geneticist, working primarily on fish (of which, I think these guys are the best). I occasionally venture into the non-scaly world of crustaceans, molluscs and even mammals!


My main research interests include i) the application of population genetics for the identification of management and conservation units; ii) the use of DNA barcoding and metabarcoding to explore and assess biodiversity; iii) the biological and socioeconomic drivers of seafood consumption; iv) the evolution of sex change in fish and its consequences for fisheries.


Our group is based at the Faculty of Science at Liverpool John Moores Universityand we carry out exciting projects on all of the above topics, in every ocean of the world. Please take some time to explore our pages!


For more details on my scientific outputs and regular nerdy updates, check out:





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