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Judith’s eDNA project officially becomes an iCASE studentship

This month we plunged into new, dark waters. The murky sea of Industry! Well, not quite that dramatically, in fact.

As you might know, Judith Bakker’s project is about pioneering eDNA-based biodiversity assessment in Caribbean waters, and she is supported for this by the Pew Charitable Trusts. So, a very good thing, now, is that the University felt that our involvement with Pew on this exciting project deserved a more formal recognition. So we were offered additional funding, under the new Industrial Case Scholarship. Judith’s PhD is one of five in our School and 11 throughout the University, supported by this scheme. This will help us diversifying our range of collaboration, producing more and better results, and ultimately will allow Judith to produce a wonderful PhD thesis and some amazing publications! Correct, Judith?

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