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PhD Student, Rabbitfish Colonisation 

I am now based in Libya, after completing my PhD studies with Stefano Mariani and Chiara Benvenuto, focusing on the invasive biology of two rabbitfish (Siganus) species that have invaded the Mediterranean Sea from the Red Sea. The aim of the study can be split into the following three specific objectives:


1. Shape variation in sympatric S. luridus and S. rivulatus, in relation to their novel and native habitats

2. Trophic level and niche overlap of S. luridus and S. rivulatus in native and novel habitats

3. Comparative phylogeography of the Lessepsian invaders: S. luridus and S. rivulatus


The study is expected to advance the knowledge on the process of Lessepsian fish migrations and to contribute to the global understanding of successful coastal fish invasions

The University of the Suez Canal

Susah in Libya

Susah, Libya

Suez Canal

Siganus rivulatus

Siganus luridus

Sharks of the Red Sea

Cyrinaica Coast

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