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Field course season!

It was that time of the year again! Right when the academic season heats up to its scorching hottest (figuratively, of course), that big fat week in Pembrokeshire arrived, so someone had to drop everything else, rally the troops, count the students, and jump on a coach!

It is a curious feeling: you know it will be hard, round the clock, no-respite scrambling, netting, wading, boating, casting, warning, instructing and herding. Yes, herding, both the Junior and the Senior cats. But at the same time, you know it will be beautiful, breathing the good coastal air, immersed in peaceful natural sound, and for a few days, forgetting completely about all the paperwork, the meetings, the dry administration chores that normally pepper the standard working weeks on campus.

The Marine Biology field course is always different – this year a couple of students found a quirky critter that will need Charles’ DNA barcoding skills to be identified (photo) - but also the same… a sweet reunion with old beaches and cliffs. The sneaky moments spent fishing (which always yield amusing encounters), and the reminder that marine life is always out there, to be explored, enjoyed, cherished and protected.

(cue the picture of the red and green morphs of Actinia… see how pretty the green one with the blue rim…)

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