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PhD Student, The Tongue Biter Project

         I started my PhD with Professor Stefano Mariani and Dr. Robin Beck at the University of Salford in 2015, working on the evolution of cymothoid isopods. In the same year also I completed my MSc, supervised by Dr. Ed Harris, along the road at Manchester Metropolitan University where I developed genetic monitoring tools to research the reintroduction of Leucorrhinia dubia to Delamere, Cheshire. Here, I also worked on a project using playback experiments to assess call response to native and non-native vocalisations between spatially differentiated Crex crex populations. My undergraduate degree was in Philosophy, but I've somehow found my way back, and in between  I have also been an arborist and a conservation officer. I am fascinated by biodiversity and evolution, and invertebrate systems in particular. Having grown up on the west coast of Scotland and Chile (my Dad managed salmon farms) I have also become captivated by the marine environment. I love coding, informatics and statistics (it's like the best and hardest puzzle!) but I do get out every now again to fly and sea fish, climb, bike, run, swim, and I have also traveled... a lot. Married to the beautiful Sarah, father to Finn, slave to Jaffa (dog) and pillow to Mango (cat).


Artystone minima



  • Cawthorn, D. M., Baillie, C., & Mariani, S. (2018). Generic names and mislabeling conceal high species diversity in global fisheries markets. Conservation Letters, e12573.
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