Siegenthaler, MSc

PhD Student,Shrimp BeCoTox

My research focusses on the ability of animals to deal with natural and anthropogenic variation in their environment and places it in a behavioural and ecological context. Past research projects assessed the effects of magnetic fields in sharks, habitat selection of post larval reef fish and the behaviour of temperate sea cucumbers.

My PhD project, supervised by Stefano Mariani and Chiara Benvenuto, focusses on the behaviour and ecology of the brown shrimp, Crangon crangon, in relation to environmental and anthropogenic factors. By using a combination of behavioural, ecotoxiciological and molecular approaches, I am assessing the importance of these factors on the shrimp’s diet and ability to camouflage. Prior to my PhD at the University of Salford, I conducted my Bsc and Msc at the University of Wageningen and completed an international Msc in Marine Biodiversity and Conservation (EMBC)


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